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The Innovation Factory: Innovating differently with the Université de Lyon

The Innovation Factory harnesses the talent and creativity of students, the scientific excellence of researchers and the technological and scientific platforms used by all institutions of the Université de Lyon to develop innovative projects, in partnership with companies, local and regional authorities, clusters, etc.

It strengthens the relationships between academic and socio-economic communities by working in synergy with the Student Center for Innovation, the Beelys Transfer and Entrepreneurship center (PEPITE) and Pulsalys, the Technology Transfer Acceleration Company (SATT).

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  • Implement a pioneering policy for innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and design,
  • Become a leader in creation and innovation to contribute to the region's economic development and national and international outreach,
  • Enable organisations and institutions to immerse themselves in an innovative ecosystem, and to benefit from a different perspective on their projects and issues,
  • Participate in developing innovative teaching, by offering students the opportunity to work directly on concrete projects led by socioeconomic partners.


Private stakeholders (companies, competitivity clusters, professional organisations), public stakeholders (local and regional authorities, academic structures), academic institutions, students, lecturers and researchers.

The Innovation Factory's services

Support from idea to prototyping

  • Make your organization more innovative with workshops and training focused on creativity and collective intelligence to adopt a posture of innovation,
  • Accelerate your innovation project with student challenges, supervised internships in a multidisciplinary team and workshops involving students and/or teacher-researchers to generate new ideas, prototype a solution, deepen an idea, etc.

Bookable spaces dedicated to creativity and innovation

  • Innovation (350 sq.m.) on LyonTech-la Doua campus,
  • I-Factory (6,500 sq.m.) on LyonTech-la Doua campus (opening in 2025).

Networking with innovation players and their resources

  • The Innovation Factory connects FabLabs, technological platforms and teacher-researchers with project leaders in order to create favorable conditions for the development of innovation projects.



Fabrique de l’Innovation
28-30 avenue Gaston Berger
69100 Villeurbanne