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The Université de Lyon places international students, PhD students and researchers at the heart of its vision. In collaboration with its member institutions, it supports many innovative measures by building on the strong research potential and high quality of training at the Saint-Étienne site.

The Université de Lyon values its special academic partnerships that are part of an alliance to develop high-quality projects, such as the creation of international training courses, the creation of research teams and the organization of international, issue-specific symposia.

The Université de Lyon's international policy is one of the fundamental pillars of the Université de Lyon's strategy to become a world-class university. This comprises the International Alliance, an innovative initiative around ten universities worldwide, which aims to create an integrated platform for research and training; a network of representative offices in key countries; and developing partnerships in Europe and on a global level.


The Arqus European University Alliance brings together the universities of Bergen, Granada, Graz, Leipzig, Lyon, Padova and Vilnius. Arqus is a multilateral alliance of internationalized institutions who share academic, scientific and cultural objectives, a common vision of the role of higher education and research and mutual fields of interest.

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