The Université de Lyon takes part in the 34th edition of the Entretiens Jacques Cartier in Montreal

On The December 21, 2022

Alliance Canada

From October 17 to 19, 2022, the Entretiens Jacques Cartier (EJC) brought thousands of people together to take part in French-speaking interdisciplinary events in Montreal.

The Jacques Cartier Center (CJC – Centre Jacques Cartier) aims to strengthen interactions between the academic, economic, institutional and cultural communities in France/Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and Canada/Québec.

The Entretiens Jacques Cartier event brings together 5,000 decision-makers and professionals who share the common vision that societal progress is linked to knowledge transfer and interdisciplinary innovation. The Entretiens Jacques Cartier event constitutes a laboratory of ideas and a platform for knowledge transfer between France and Quebec. This yearly event is alternately held in France and in Canada. The EJC program is based on a call for projects. Each academic event is co-supported by two members of its partner network, and they are in the presence of Lyon and Montreal residents.

As a founding member, the Université de Lyon contributes to the CJC’s activities by bringing together its member institutions.
The academic component of the 2022 edition of the EJC aimed to drive new strategic directions, by redefining new methods of collaboration and identifying synergies, desires and needs that are common to all members of the network in order to establish innovative communities

2022 EJC Academic Program

  1. Assembly of Rectors and Presidents and Directors of Higher Education Institutions from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and Montreal
    The objective is to discuss the issues and perspectives related to collaboration in a post-pandemic context around three main themes: teaching and its challenges as it relates to sustainable development, electronic data interchange and digital technology, while taking into account the needs of the labor market, how the pandemic has affected research collaborations and the role of support services, and the feeling of belonging to an organization in a hybrid work mode or the meaning of work.
  2. 21 scientific colloquia organized around 4 main themes: health and life sciences, culture and society, innovation and new technologies, and economic and environmental issues
    The 2022 EJC program:

  3. The Université de Sherbrooke welcomes a delegation from Université de Lyon
    As part of the Entretiens Jacques Cartier event, and as a follow-up to the President of the Université de Sherbrooke’s visit to the UdL in June 2022, the Université de Lyon’s Innovation Factory had the pleasure of being invited to Montreal and Sherbrooke from November 28 to December 2, along with PULSALYS, as part of the 2022 “MegaGenius” exhibition organized by the Université de Sherbrooke. To find out more, please visit: the Innovation Factory’s website (FR)

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