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Going abroad for your PhD or research

The Université de Lyon's Guide for PhD Students describes the various study abroad opportunities available to you and the administrative procedures you will need to carry out. ► View the Guide for PhD Students

Funding your move abroad

The Guide for PhD Students also details organizations who provide funding schemes for PhD students and researchers studying abroad.

Grants from European mobility programs

Mobility programs, particularly the Erasmus+ program, award mobility grants for French students going abroad. Applications are open to PhD students and researchers
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Grants from exchange organizations and ministries

Several countries, exchange organizations and some French government ministries offer funding to French PhD students who would like to carry out a research trip abroad.
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Grants from foreign governments

Some countries provide grants for PhD students and researchers who would like to carry out a research trip.
Visit the websites of foreign embassies to find out more about these schemes. ► Find out more (FR)
On the website (FR)
On the Campus France website (FR)

Recognition of international mobility during the thesis: supplement to the degree

Doctoral students who have completed an international mobility during their thesis can have it recognized and obtain a supplement to the doctoral diploma for the recognition of international mobility. The conditions are described in the attached procedure. Doctoral students must apply for the supplement when submitting their application to defend their thesis. The application must be submitted to the student affairs doctorate office at the student’s institution.