[AGREEMENT] Our 35 institutions reaffirm their commitment to the socio-ecological transition

On The June 7, 2023

On June 7, the Université de Lyon organized the first “Assises de la transition” (Transition conferences) for its 35 member and associate institutions, led by Frank Debouck, its President, and Cécile Delolme, its Vice-President for Major Transitions and Director of the ENTPE.

On June 7, 2023, the Directors of the institutions and their teams were invited to take part in the first Lyon and Saint-Étienne Transition Conferences.

The purpose of these Transition Conferences was to:

  • Share and promote the transition initiatives that have been implemented on the Lyon and Saint-Étienne sites & institutions within our reach,
  • Provide a framework for mutual inspiration on these issues,
  • Join forces to make socio-ecological transition a hallmark of the site by signing a CSR Charter (RSE - Responsabilité sociétale des entreprises).

The afternoon featured five highlights:

  1. A summary of the Université de Lyon’s commitment to the ecological and energy transition since 2015, and a presentation of the mobilizing elements at national (Climate and Biodiversity Plan from the ministry, etc.) and local (University Development Plan, Student Life Master Plan...) levels.
  2. An opportunity for local authorities to consider the keys to success for effective collective action on transitions through territorial coordination. Many thanks to Alexandre Pennaneac’h, project manager of the Collaborative Innovation Platform at the Syndicat mixte du bassin de Thau, for his inspiring contribution.
  3. A round table discussion on training for the ecological transition, with contributions from three of the site’s institutions: emlyon business school, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and INSA Lyon.
  4. A presentation of the CSR Charter and the strategy for 2023, developed by the Technical Committee and the four specialist working groups.
  5. The signing of the Charter by the Directors of the institutions or their representatives.

The CSR Charter, signed by the institutions’ Directors, demonstrates that CSR and the socio-ecological transition are top priorities for the Lyon and Saint-Étienne sites.

The Université de Lyon’s 2023/2024 strategy defines this charter in operational terms. It was developed by four working groups of volunteer institutions whose themes were prioritized in early 2023, with all the institutions involved in the Transition network (see the four themes in the box opposite).