[AWARD] A researcher from Université Lyon 1 receives the CNRS innovation medal

On The September 12, 2023

On November 14, Patricia Rousselle, CNRS Research Director at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, will receive the CNRS Innovation Medal for her work on skin healing and regeneration.

CNRS medals are awarded yearly to researchers and staff members who make outstanding contributions to the dynamic development and excellent reputation of the institution.

Since 2011, the CNRS has been awarding the Innovation Medal to men and women whose outstanding research has led to a major technological, therapeutic or social innovation that contributes to the advancement of French scientific research.

Among the 2023 medalists (see opposite), a researcher from one of the member institutions of the Université de Lyon will be awarded this national prize:

• Patricia Rousselle CNRS Research Director at the Tissue Biology and Therapeutic Engineering Laboratory at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

Her numerous research projects have led her to develop treatments for burn victims, post-surgical healing and tumors affecting the skin.

Congratulations to her!

More information on the CNRS website (In French)

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