[CALL FOR APPLICATIONS] Submit for the Young Researcher Prize 2023

From April 6, 2023 to June 30, 2023

The Métropole de Lyon and the City of Lyon, in association with the Université de Lyon, are launching a call for applications for the 2023 Young Researcher Prize.

The Young Researcher Prize aims to promote the integrity and societal involvement of basic and applied research in the laboratories of the Université de Lyon. To express its interest in young researchers, the Métropole de Lyon and the City of Lyon are awarding three prizes in the following three main fields:

1. Theme “Biohealth and society”

Beyond the technological aspects, this theme addresses with societal issues and current challenges (personalized medicine, emerging pathologies, etc.) while taking into account respect for life (bioethics). Example: biology, oncology, infectiology, physiology, medicine, epidemiology, pharmacy, biotherapies, health technologies, public health, etc.

2. Theme “Science and engineering”

This theme deals with the scientific, technical and technological challenges that societies are now facing, while taking into account the resilience of territories. Example: formal and natural sciences, building, chemistry, electronics, energy, civil engineering, process engineering, computer science, mathematics, earth sciences, networks and telecommunications, etc.

3. Theme “Humanities and urban studies”

Example: disciplines that make up the humanities, social sciences, urban planning, political science, philosophy, sociology, history, geography, communication, languages, literature, art etc.

The three prizes of €5,000 each will reward the scientific quality of the post-doctoral work, but also the investment of the applicants in the dissemination of scientific culture and the efforts of transmission of research to civil society. A “Jury's Favorite” award (not financially rewarded) will complete this selection.


  • Applications open until June 30, 2023
  • Further details and terms of application on the Lyon Campus website
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