[PORTRAIT] Zhaoke Luo, PhD student at INSERM

On The August 1, 2023

Zhaoke Luo, PhD student at the SBRI laboratory shares with us his experience with Espace Ulys!

 Why did you choose the Université de Lyon for your research?

I picked my laboratory [SBRI- Stem cell and brain research institute] because it matched with the scientific question I want to work on in my future career, but usually such a big decision is formed by several things such as my aspirations and the fact that the Université de Lyon has excellent doctoral schools. Also, the city of Lyon has character and it attracted me with its philosophical, artistic, and scientific culture.

How did you know about Espace Ulys and why did you ask for our services?

Before I arrived in Lyon, I faced some difficulties while looking for accommodation, and I was also trapped by my poor French when trying to contact housing agents. During that time of struggle, when I started in my laboratory, a colleague of mine told me that I can ask Espace Ulys for help. So, I wrote to them, and the service helped me a lot. They helped me find accommodation with EMH [Est Métropole Habitat – Social landlord] in the Résidence Séoul in Villeurbanne and it’s very nice and close to my laboratory, so I am really grateful.

In your opinion, what are the advantages for international PhD students and researchers to registering to Espace Ulys?

For me, I think Espace Ulys gives a chance to someone like me, a newcomer from abroad, to integrate smoothly into the city and campus life without all the anxiety of facing the potential challenges of the administrative processes.

What would be your advice to new international researchers / PhD students arriving in Lyon?

I think the preparation required for European residents and non-European countries’ residents may be different, but there are two things that anyone needs to do. First, start looking for accommodation in advance because it can be quite hard and time-consuming, and second, register to Espace Ulys right away.

What in your opinion symbolizes Lyon?

I think Lyon is like drinking coffee at a café during a sunny afternoon, it’s very pleasant, peaceful. I like the fact that in Lyon you have that contrast of peacefulness in an active city. I like Lyon because it’s a big city, but it’s not like Paris. Paris is very crowded but here it is the perfect balance.

Since you received funding for your thesis, what was that process like?

I received funding from the Chinese government. It is because my home university in China has a partnership with the Université de Lyon. First, I had to apply to a foreign university and once I was accepted, I applied for a scholarship through the China Scholarship Council. The fact that the Université de Lyon is one of the top universities and is very cooperative made my choice easier, because it took a lot of time to think about whether I wanted to come or not but knowing that I could receive a funding for my thesis made my it easier for me to make this decision.

[For more information about the Joint Doctoral Campaign of the Université de Lyon & the China Scholarship Council (CSC)]

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