[PUBLICATION] “Diagnosis 2.0: bringing artificial intelligence into play”, by Pop’Sciences/LYSiERES²

On The November 20, 2023

Copyright: Freepik
Copyright: Freepik

As part of the LYSiERES² project – Science with and for society – led by the Université Lumière Lyon 2, Pop’Sciences has produced a series of articles on the potential of artificial intelligence in the health sector, particularly in the field of diagnostics.

For its articles on the new applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, Pop’Sciences met with scientists and healthcare professionals in the Lyon Saint-Étienne region to find out more about what these new technologies can (or can’t) bring to medicine, particularly when it comes to diagnosis.

AI is becoming more and more popular in many professional fields, including healthcare. From hopes and fantasies to fears and real-life applications, this new medical resource needs to be better understood by doctors and patients alike. Pop’Sciences invites you to take a look at a number of practical applications to better understand what AI and its mathematical capabilities can do to help healthcare professionals diagnose mental health problems, streamline patient care, or provide more precise medical imaging... While also acknowledging its limitations, as it is still a long way off from replacing your doctor.

The articles include:

#1 Artificial Intelligence in healthcare: from doctors to algorithms

#2 Artificial intelligence – our future psychiatrist?

#3 Transforming medical care with Artificial Intelligence, an interview with Loïc Verlingue

#4 Artificial Intelligence, a major breakthrough for medical imaging

#5 Medicine revisited through algorithms: What are the ethical concerns related to AI?

#6 AI Q&As – students answer our questions about artificial intelligence


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