[PUBLICATION] “Treatment resistance: the quest for solutions”, a series by Pop’Sciences & CNRS

On The May 25, 2023

Pop’Sciences has partnered with the CNRS to provide a multidisciplinary overview of the research involved in tackling the global health crisis of antibiotic resistance.

Despite significant advances in biomedicine, bacteria remain resistant even the most advanced treatments. While the scientific community continues to study the biochemical mechanisms of antibiotic resistance, the scope of this research has been broadened to include the human and social sciences, with a particular focus on the socio-ecological conditions under which resistance develops. This systemic approach paves the way for new treatment strategies and better prevention.

This new article series, coordinated by Pop’Sciences in partnership with the CNRS, invites you to discover the endeavors of scientists from Lyon who are working at various levels to better respond to the rise in antibiotic resistance. Just how pervasive is this silent threat of antibiotic resistance? Is antibiotic resistance linked to our environment? Will better drugs help us overcome this problem?

In this issue:

  • Article #1: “Antibiotic resistance: an environmental issue?”
  • Article #2: “Antibiotic resistance: how can we avoid a global crisis?”
  • Article #3: “A quantum leap to more effective drugs”
  • Article #4: “Hope for eradicating Brucellosis”
  • Article #5: “Does heavy metal pollution increase antibiotic resistance?”
  • Article #6: “Drugs, biocides and groundwater”
  • Article #7: “Antibiotic resistance – a consequence of our species’ misguided relationship with the rest of the living world”

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This article series is the result of the collaboration of several scientific researchers from the Université de Lyon. The research presented in this article series was partially or fully funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR – Agence nationale de la recherche) as part of the ANR-BIOTIFLUX and PEGASE-AAPG2019 projects. This article series was produced and funded as part of the Science with and for Society – Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture call for projects for the young researcher projects (JCJC) and collaborative research projects (PPRC) that were selected in the 2018/19 edition of the generic call for projects (SAPS-CSTI-JCJ and PRC AAPG 18/19).