[PUBLICATION] “When light illuminates living things”: discover the new Pop’Sciences dossier

On The July 3, 2023

For its new feature on light, Pop’Sciences met with scientists and lighting professionals in the Lyon Saint-Étienne region.

“This isn’t Versailles!”  Beyond the advertising slogan that rightly urges us to take eco-responsible measures, light, and the absence of light, has multiple implications for the living world. The effects on our biorhythms, innovations in lighting, environmental impact, lighting in the performing arts, light pollution... these are just some of the many facets that Pop’Sciences invites you to explore in this dossier!

Discover the full Pop’Sciences dossier (FR)

Contents of the latest issue

  • Article #1: “How light regulates our health”
  • Article #2: “In the city, innovating to illuminate better and less”
  • Article #3: “The art of designing lighting and bringing the audience’s dreams to life” 
  • Article #4: “Preserving the night: a scientific challenge for us all”

This dossier was produced thanks to the collaboration of various scientific researchers from the institutions and laboratories of the Université de Lyon, as well as institutional & private partners. Many thanks to them!

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