[SCIENTIFIC RESULTS] European Life RECYCLO project: a first prototype under construction

On The July 19, 2023

While the recycling of wastewater is still not very present in Europe and in France, the Life RECYCLO project tackles the problem of the reuse of laundry water. An innovative project that has just taken a new important step: the prototype is under construction at the premises of the Treewater company in Alixan, near Valence (France).

Life RECYCLO is a European project whose ambition is to propose, for the laundry sector, better management of water resources, and thus reduce the discharge of polluting substances into the aquatic environment.

The project aims to develop an advanced oxidation treatment system to treat and recycle laundry wastewater. This process eliminates more than 90% of pollutants. This recycled water will then be reused by these same laundries in their cleaning process, saving 50 to 80% of water. Prototypes will be tested in three laundries in France, Spain and Luxembourg.

After initial successful laboratory tests, the very first prototype is being built at the Treewater site in Alixan (Drôme). It is made to measure to be installed in the laundry of the Ramon Noguera Foundation, in Girona (Spain).

It will consist, first of all, of a container for coagulation-flocculation, the first stage of the treatment, which allows the removal of suspended solids. The heart of the technology is then found in the reactors which contain twelve UV lamps. This is where advanced oxidation takes place: a physico-chemical reaction between hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet rays. The final stage of the treatment is, finally, in filtration on activated charcoal.

Each element is then designed at Treewater's premises, and will be sent to Girona for final assembly on site in September.

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