CeLyA - Lyon Center for Acoustics


CeLya brings together Lyon's stakeholders in public acoustic research around an acoustic triad: sound sources, propagation and the effects on humans.

It is one of the most important centers in Europe in this field, on an equal footing to some of the largest international laboratories. The large majority of CeLyA's research activity is orientated toward issues related to the industrial sector, in particular land and air transport systems. Another major strand of its applications concerns the health sector, particularly through the development of ultrasound techniques for imaging and therapy.


Partner laboratories:
  • Centre Acoustique du Laboratoire de Mécanique des Fluides et d’Acoustique - LMFA (UMR CNRS 5509)
  • Laboratoire Vibration Acoustique – LVA (EA 677)
  • Laboratoire de tribologie et Dynamique des Systèmes – LTDS (UMR CNRS 5513)
  • Laboratoire Application des Ultrasons à la Thérapie –LabTAU (INSERM U1032)
  • Centre de recherche en Neurosciences de Lyon – CRNL (INSERM U1028 – UMR CNRS 5292)
  • Centre de Recherche en Acquisition et Traitement de l’Image pour la Santé – CREATIS (INSERM U1044 – UMR CNRS 5220)
  • Laboratoire Génie Civil et Bâtiment – LGCB (ENTPE)
  • Laboratoire Transport et Environnement – LTE (ENTPE)