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AS UdL - The Université de Lyon's Sports Association

Founded in 2017, the Université de Lyon's Sports Association (AS UdL) is an association under the Law on French non-profit organizations of 1901.

The AS UdL brings together several sports associations belonging to the member and associated institutions of the Udl.
The AS Udl aims to coordinate and promote participation in university sports competitions among students at the many member and associated institutions of the Université de Lyon.

It has identified three objectives in conjunction with the pre-existing sports associations at the institutions:
  • To represent the Université de Lyon at national and international university sports competitions;
  • To support athletes and sports teams competing in university competitions under one umbrella association;
  • To organize and manage inter-institutional sports and artistic activities and events instigated by its members.
AS UdL website

The strengths of Udl's Sports Association

  • It competes in national and international competitions organized by the French Federation of University Sport and improves the rankings of its teams,
  • It develops the attractiveness of the Lyon Saint-Étienne site for student athletes,
  • It enables a greater number of students to enter competitions, notably female athletes, by bringing athletes together

It promotes sports for which there will most likely be national and European competitions.

Rugby, volleyball, football, basketball, handball, water polo, ultimate, rock climbing, rowing, badminton, tennis, table tennis, gymnastics, judo, karate, taekwondo, savate, golf, trail running, swimming, fencing, archery, target shooting, athletics, horse riding, rhythmic gymnastics, orienteering and sailing.e.
In Europe
Water polo, judo, karate and taekwondo.