Published on November 27, 2018 | Updated on March 21, 2023

Master's in Nanoscale Engineering

The Nanoscale Engineering Master’s program provides students with skills in the disciplines underpinning microtechnology and nanotechnology applications (telecommunications, pharmacology, materials, etc.). It has a close partnership with high-level research laboratories and cutting-edge companies. It prepares students for an academic career or a career in large international companies.


First year Master’s

400 hours of classes and research laboratory projects + 2 two-month research projects in a research laboratory.

Second year Master’s

The theoretic and practical classes cover the development, characterization design of nanometric structures using the technological platforms of major nano and biotechnology laboratories in Lyon: quantum engineering, semiconductor nanostructures, functional materials, biosensors, photonics, surface analysis, spin electronics, information
and communication technologies, cell engineering, micro and nanofluidics, intellectual property, ethics, project management. 


For the first year of the Master’s program, students who have completed a degree in Science and Technology or an equivalent diploma from a foreign university (Bachelor’s). For the second year of the Master’s program, students who have completed the first year of a Master’s program in France or abroad or engineering students. Selection is based on the application. Apply online via the Master’s program’s website.