Published on November 27, 2018 | Updated on March 21, 2023

Master's in Optics, images, vision and multimedia

This Master's degree aims to train optics, image-processing and color professionals, who will be able to develop engineering, innovation or fundamental research activities in sectors linked to photonics, materials for optics, functionalization of surfaces, telecommunications, scientific instrumentation, industrial non-destructive testing, vision, imaging and multimedia 2D and 3D technologies.


The Master’s program offers four two-year tracks:
• SISE, which trains specialists in surface and interface science and engineering, from their properties to the advanced multi-scale manufacturing processes and functionalizing for optics, mechanics and chemistry;
• AIMA, which offers a major in optics, imaging and the evaluation of visual quality for lighting, appearance, printing, security, unconventional imaging systems for space programs or biomedical applications;
• COSI, which trains future generations of highly-qualified industrial experts in the applied color sciences for the photonics, optics, spectral imaging, vision, infographics and multimedia technology industries. European track;
• 3DMT, an original major that includes computer science, multimedia technology, imaging sciences and machine vision. French-Norwegian track.


Admission to the first year of the Master’s program is based on academic record, with a degree in physics, physics for engineers, physics and chemistry, Electronics, Electrotechnology, Automatics (EEA), computer science, mathematics or equivalent major, BSc or equivalent foreign diploma. Admission to the second year of the Master’s program based on academic record with 60 validated ECTS from an equivalent Master’s program in the same field, or students in the third year of an engineering school.