Published on November 27, 2018 | Updated on March 21, 2023

Master's in Physics and chemistry

© UCBL et ENS de Lyon

© UCBL et ENS de Lyon

The Master's in Physics and Chemistry provides general training of excellence, enabling students to explore high-level disciplinary fields in physics and/or chemistry with true innovation potential. This study program is a springboard towards a range of professions in research and higher education.


First year Master’s
The major focuses on the spectrum of physics and chemistry as a whole, leaving real possibilities of continued studies in the various research areas within these disciplines. The second semester provides a large range of options and a 3-month research internship, as well as many possible personalized courses (“physics-chemistry-biology” course, long internship, semester abroad). With an additional year between the first and second year of the Master’s program, students can receive a double diploma in science and engineering with the Politecnico di Milano (Italy), the EPFL (Switzerland) or the École Centrale de Lyon.

Second year Master’s
A year of specialization, including a research internship of 16 weeks or longer in France or abroad, with 4 different tracks:
• Chemistry concepts and applications;
• Physics concepts and applications;
• Complex systems (open to other disciplines such as computer science, biology and mathematics);
• Digital modeling (with a close link between the fundamental concepts of physics and chemistry and digital modeling).


Admission based on academic record with solid educational background in physics and/or chemistry.

First-year Master’s Program (M1): Having completed the third year of a degree program in physics or chemistry.
Second-year Master’s Program (M2): Having completed the first year of a Master’s program in physics or chemistry.