Published on December 11, 2019 | Updated on December 11, 2019

LearningLab Network

The network of innovative learning spaces

The LearningLab Network is a community of practitioners whose goal is to share, pool, and develop experiments and trials around innovative learning spaces.

Since 2014, the network has brought together over a hundred members in France, Belgium, Quebec and Morocco, with a public interest mission: to promote and contribute to the development of the LearningLab in order to offer everyone a different way to learn.

The project is backed by the Université de Lyon and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region since 2017, including through COMESUP funding. The coordination is provided by Télécom Saint-Étienne (Université Jean Monnet, Université de Lyon).

The network allows you to share knowledge, experiences, lessons learned and everyday best practices through a professional social network. The meetings between members as part of various national and regional events (seminars, workshops, learning expeditions, etc.) are an opportunity to discover different practices, to compare work and ideas, and to contribute to the development of innovative projects.

In 2019, the network is structured as a Foundation housed by the Foundation for the Université de Lyon. This development meets the network’s need to expand and to stabilize its organization through a collaborative governing body that represents the network's members, as well as an economic model to sustain resources and to therefore strengthen its capacity to support projects (including research projects, collective experiments and publications).

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