Published on December 11, 2019 | Updated on December 11, 2019


A platform for higher education teacher training

The NéopassSup platform is intended to support teaching in higher education. 
Its aim is to participate in higher education teacher training, to gradually transform teaching methods for the benefit of students.

It is a tool for training new teachers and working on occupational issues that even the most experienced teachers are faced with. There are several video clips which can be consulted and/or used as part of institutional training. This platform offers a set of 7 higher education teaching practices, based on 250 video clips:

  • A lecture
  • An interactive lecture
  • Transforming a lecture
  • Tutorials
  • Transforming tutorials
  • A "Flipped classroom"
  • Distance learning

NéopassSup uses real-life teaching situations to appreciate the activities of teachers and students in situ with the theory that video-teaching can become a real means of structuring and transforming one's professional experience.
By analyzing these videos, the user can question the efficiency of their own professional practices and consider other teaching methods. Each case consists of (1) a video clip of the class, (2) video clips where the teacher and students comment on their experiences, (3) video clips provided by other new and experienced teachers (4) video clips with analyses made by researchers.

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