Published on May 27, 2019 | Updated on July 10, 2019

Educational innovation: innovative educational initiatives

Call for proposals closed

Through the IDEXLYON, the Université de Lyon is launching a new “Educational Innovation” call for projects centered on innovative educational initiatives. Projects submitted will aim to explore new approaches to teaching in order to improve learning skills and provide meaning for diverse audiences.


This second wave aims to highlight educational initiatives that offer innovative approaches to one of the following themes:

  1. Gamification and learning through games :
    Learning audiences are ever-evolving as they adopt new tools and new rhythms, which means that so-called “traditional” ways of organizing teaching also need to evolve. By adding playful elements to educational resources or by designing educational games, students will become more engaged and motivated. Projects placed in this category can include the gamification of contents and teaching, serious games, the use of video games and board games and other game-oriented experiences within an educational context.
  2. Rethinking the use of digital tools in education :
    Public policies have led to providing all sorts of digital tools for higher education institutions. Modular connected spaces, such as learning labs, are flourishing, and cutting-edge technologies are becoming more and more accessible. But having access to these facilities does not always mean that high-quality education is being provided. With this theme, the IDEXLYON aims to foster initiatives exploring different ways of using digital tools to create high-quality educational projects.

The third category remains open to projects that do not fit in either of the other two themes. However, funding for projects in this third category is capped at 10-20% of the total budget.

This “Educational Innovation” call for projects follows the AMI launched in October 2018. It is designed to provide seed funding for original and new educational experiences, and is not intended to fund well-established and/or recurring projects.

Once projects have been submitted, a workshop held by AMI staff (the Center for Professional Development and Educational Innovation and the Educational Innovation Group of Academic Colleges) will be held for project leaders. While this workshop will not influence the selection process, it aims to be an opportunity to share experiences, provide training and fellowship.

The total 2019-2020 academic year budget for these projects is €75,000.


The projects must be run by one of the IDEXLYON consortium’s member institutions. Project leaders are required to ensure that the backing institution is a member of the IDEXLYON consortium. Additional non-member institutions may also be partnered with the project.

The following criteria will be assessed:

  • The educational project (projects limited to research initiatives or the purchase of materials will not be considered);
  • The credibility of the proposed scientific approach, project feasibility, the consistency and effectiveness of the plan;
  • Impact on training programs;
  • Number of students involved;
  • Self-evaluation and project follow-up methods;
  • The potential for expansion;
  • Compatibility between the budget and the project submitted.


The IDEXLYON will provide funding for the 2019-2020 academic year, which may cover:

  • Part of the payroll for contract staff linked to the project;
  • Additional teaching hours;
  • Internship grants;
  • Travel expenses;
  • Running costs (consumables, etc.);
  • Material invest costs.


If you have any queries regarding the call for projects, please contact: