[ACADEMIC EVENT] Discover propositions for post-doctoral positions at the Rendez-vous Carnot 2023

On The October 19, 2023

From 1 PM to 5:30 PM

The Rendez-vous Carnot is a unique event in France, allowing innovative companies (of all sizes and from all sectors of activity) to meet with research laboratories to establish the R&D partnerships necessary to finalize their innovation project.

The Rendez-vous Carnot are organized by the network of Carnot institutes. This network carries out 55% of the research and development financed by companies with public research, mobilizing 20% of its workforce.

Carnot institutes simultaneously carry out high-level preliminary research activities and a voluntary policy of partnership research, in favor of the socio-economic sphere. They are certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research following a highly selective call for applications.

The Carnot network is made up of 39 institutes whose research teams are located in all regions of France.


Rendez-vous Carnot 2023

Are you a PhD student interested in a post-doc? Register and come meet representatives of laboratories conducting research projects for business innovation.

Registration is free of charge.

To register, simply complete the form describing your profile. Before the event you can:

  • Read the profiles of the exhibitors presenting their activity, as well as the positions to be filled;
  • Request appointments;
  • Receive appointment requests from exhibitors, accept or decline them.

The appointments requested and/or accepted are scheduled before the event. It will also be possible to meet directly with exhibitors offering positions.

Registration link for PhD students