[AWARD] Nina Gasking, curator of the “Dans ma cuisine” exhibition, receives the Simon Norton Prize

On The June 21, 2024

© MMI Lyon
© MMI Lyon

The European Mathematical Society recently honored the “Dans ma cuisine” (“In my kitchen”) exhibition at the House of Mathematics and Computer Science (Maison des Mathématiques et de l’Informatique – MMI) with its Simon Norton Prize for Mathematics Outreach.

Have fun discovering mathematics and computer science

More than 200 classes, 6,000 students and around 2,000 visitors have already discovered this tasty, interactive exhibition during the 2023-24 academic year. “Dans ma cuisine” invites students and the general public to think about math and IT in everyday situations.

The Simon Norton Prize for Mathematics Outreach

Featuring a wide range of physical and digital activities, the exhibition can be enjoyed in a variety of ways and offers visitors the opportunity to wander through four distinct areas:

  • The “Preparation” area: with the concepts of algorithms, databases and scheduling
  • The “cooking” area: with scientific themes focusing on mixing, heat, optimal stacking, and computer espionage (spyware)
  • The “Sharing” area: to learn about strategies, probabilities, frequencies, and the topology theorem
  • The “Discussion” area: to read and watch videos of researchers talking about how cooking, mathematics and computer science interact in their own lives

The members of the European Mathematical Society Committee particularly appreciated: “its originality, accessibility and mathematical depth”.

The Université de Lyon congratulates Nina Gasking, curator of the exhibition, as well as the MMI and the LabEx MILYON teams on this fine achievement!

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