[IMPORTANT] International students: information regarding the renewal of your residence permit

On The July 5, 2024

As the summer holidays approach, the Université de Lyon invites you to remain vigilant as to the expiration date of your current residence permit or extension certificate (ADP - Attestation de prolongation).

Remember to check your ANEF account carefully to see if you have received a notification for a request for additional files.

If your residence permit / ADP expires in the coming days, or if you have not received your new ADP in the days following its expiration:

If you have already returned to your country of origin and your current permit / ADP expires in the coming days or if it has already expired:

If you have already contacted the Rhône prefecture but have still not received a response or notification on your ANEF account:

Please contact the Students Welcome Desk via email at swd@universite-lyon.fr with the following information:
  • Screenshot of your request on the ANEF platform
  • Your Numéro Étranger"
  • Reason for your request
  • Institution in which you study

From July 27 to August 18, during the summer closure of institutions:

If you need to return to France urgently, your permit or ADP has already expired and you have still not received a return:

  • We invite you to contact the French embassy or consulate in your country of origin to request a return visa.
Please contact the Students Welcome Desk if you have any questions: