[OUR CONSORTIUM] The Espace Ulys points of contact meet at the Université de Lyon

On The January 29, 2024

Espace Ulys, the EURAXESS center of the Université de Lyon, organized the first bi-annual meeting of its points of contact within its institutions on January 18, 2024. The meeting was an opportunity to present the outcomes of 2023 actions and the outlook for 2024.

The Espace Ulys staff network includes around a hundred people from the Université de Lyon’s member and associate institutions. They come from international relations, research (management or vice-presidency, laboratory, etc.) or human resources departments.

2023, a particularly eventful year

In 2023, a new dynamic was set in motion with the creation of a network of local players involved in hosting international researchers, as well as bi-annual meetings for Espace Ulys points of contact, in order to provide information, training and exchange experiences.

With regard to the target audience, consisting of international researchers and PhD students, the aim was to develop closer relationships through a series of webinars in English and French and specific mailings to facilitate their integration across the academic site. Testimonials from new arrivals attests to the quality of the support they have received.

Finally, the Espace Ulys website has been updated with content in both French and English, with the support of our institutional partners.

The outlook for 2024 involves closer collaborations with the institutions, including themed workshops and taking part in in-house events to welcome PhD students and international scientists and researchers, and to present our range of services.

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