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[PUBLIC EVENT] Brain Awareness Week is back, from March 4 to 28, 2024!

From March 4, 2024 to March 28, 2024

The 26th Brain Awareness Week 2024 will be held in the Lyon metropolitan area, under the theme: “My brain: a sensitive matter”.

Brain Awareness Week is organized each year in March by the French Neuroscience Society. This event is an opportunity for researchers, physicians and student volunteers to share developments in brain research laboratories with the general public, as well as to explain the importance of brain research, the challenges involved, and its impact on our society.

For its 2024 edition, the theme of Brain Awareness Week in the City of Lyon will be “My brain: a sensitive matter”.

Not only do our five senses identify stimuli, they also assign emotional value to them. What’s more, the brain’s interpretation of the information it receives also depends on its level of consciousness and its assessment of the stimulus for our future well-being. For example, what happens in our brains when we fall in love through an unexpected encounter, or when we succumb to certain addictions such as the sight of our cell phone or a pack of cigarettes? Are the same mechanisms involved in all these cases?

Rémi Gervais,
Scientific advisor for Brain Awareness Week,
Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1/CNRS/Inserm)

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