[SIGNATURE] CESI Engineering School becomes an associate of the Université de Lyon

On The December 21, 2023

CESI (École d'ingénieurs) signed an association agreement on December 21, 2023.

CESI thus becomes the 25th institution associated with the Université de Lyon on the Lyon Saint-Étienne site!

Located in Lyon on the LyonTech-la Doua campus, CESI places its action in the collective dynamic of the university site and in connection with the member and associate institutions of the Université de Lyon. An engineering school since 1958, CESI is accredited by the CTI and has delivered the engineering diploma.

To enable its membership of the Université de Lyon, CESI was audited by a commission composed of heads of institutions and the Director General of Université de Lyon services.

This commission made it possible to validate CESI's membership project to the Université de Lyon, with regard to its project and its participation in the local collective and the dynamics linked to the higher education and research institutions on the site.

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