François Rabelais Institute for Multidisciplinary Cancer Research

The François Rabelais Institute for Multidisciplinary Cancer Research conducts research into the biology of cancer and is led by the Centre Léon Bérard (CLB), the Cancer Research Centre of Lyon (CRCL) and the DEVweCAN LabEx.
It aims to build a multidisciplinary institute on the site near the CLB where researchers in various fields and medical oncologists can work together on cancer cell plasticity and its impact on personalized medicine.

Its goal, through multi- and interdisciplinary approaches, is based on characterizing each tumor in its environment and identifying new targets to develop new medicines whilst preventing the development of tumor resistance, relapse and escape. This will enable long-term solutions to be offered to patients. To best understand the medical and socio-economic challenge, human and social sciences are integral to the project in order to identify the current limitations of personalized medicine.

The new François Rabelais Institute will therefore be dedicated to research, but it will also have significant impacts on the institution's economic position, its institutional profile, and on teaching and education. A branch of PULSALYS (the Technology Transfer Acceleration Company of the Université de Lyon) dedicated to cancer will be created at the Centre Léon Bérard site. It will aim to revitalize and strengthen its commitment to effectively promoting cancer research in environments conducive to close collaboration between basic researchers and opinion leaders in clinical research.
This intensive effort to gather expertise will also have an impact on training programs provided through the DEVweCAN LabEx, which enabled the implementation of a Master's program in oncology in 2013 (Cancer Master's diploma). It is the only course in France to be dedicated entirely to this field. This Master's has attracted many students from Lyon and abroad, positioning Lyon as a strategic site for studying oncology through its mix of biology and medicine students. The François Rabelais Institute will ensure that multi- and interdisciplinary areas of oncology, such as human and social sciences, are integrated into the Master's program, and will offer a doctoral program dedicated entirely to cancer.

Additional informations

Lyon and research against cancer

Lyon, and particularly the Centre Léon Bérard (CLB) site, has focused significantly on cancer research over the last 15 years. This focus has led to the creation of the CRCL, which is mainly located at the CLB site. It has become the showcase for basic research in cancer biology at the Université de Lyon. The CRCL is also the cornerstone of the DEVweCAN LabEx, whose research focuses on identifying new processes responsible for tumor progression.