Taking care of your health

Discover the Nightline Survival Kit

On The January 30, 2023

Because looking after your health is very important, the Université de Lyon presents the Survival Kit (kit de (sur)vie), an online resource developed by Nightline, to help you take care of your mental health and that of those around you.

Everyone has mental health and, just like physical health, there are a number of useful tools available to help you take care of it.

The Survival Kit is a digital resource developed in collaboration with students, psychologists, and Nightline communicators to help young people take care of their mental health and that of those around them.

The online Survival Kit provides information on student mental health and well-being and how best to address their needs through two complementary approaches:

  • The “Take care of your mental health” section provides students with a personalized and interactive experience with mini-games, exercises, activities and summary sheets.
  • The “I have a friend in need” section provides information on how to support a friend or relative in distress.

And because navigating mental health can sometimes be confusing, the Survival Kit provides students with a “mini-dictionary” to help them better understand a number of psychological terms that are often misused and misinterpreted.

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