Taking care of your health

Discover the “Taking Care of Yourself and Preventing the Risks of Cancer” digital exhibition

On The February 4, 2023

As part of World Cancer Day, the Université de Lyon ComUE is inviting students from the Lyon and Saint-Étienne sites to take part in the “Prendre soin de soi et prévenir les risques du cancer” (Taking Care of Yourself and Preventing the Risks of Cancer) digital exhibition developed by the Léon Bérard Center and the Rhône Committee of the League against Cancer.

40% of cancers can be prevented.

Specially designed for 15-25 year olds, the “Taking Care of Yourself and Preventing the Risk of Cancer” exhibition features original, digital and interactive educational content to:
  • Educate young people about their own health,
  • Strengthen their knowledge and power to act to prevent cancer.
With 12 visual exhibits, 2 quizzes and 2 games, the exhibition presents the different cancer risk factors that we can control, such as alcohol, tobacco, certain viruses, diet, sedentary lifestyle, sunlight, pollution, etc.
This work stems from the digitalization of the contents of a physical exhibition conducted in 2018, in a joint development process involving young people in the region in order to take into account their representations and expectations regarding a digital cancer prevention device.

Discover the digital exhibition (FR)