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On the convergence between plastic processing and electronics, plastronics has innovation potential in a number of industries. Plastronics offers the opportunity to develop connected objects and embedded electronics for use in new and exciting industries, such as autonomous vehicles and connected health.

This emerging field requires technical skills specific to the interface between numerous disciplines (electronics, materials science, chemistry, etc.) and offers new employment opportunities.

Together, INSA Lyon, CPE Lyon and Lycée Arbez Carme are developing training programs for students and professionals. The Fondation pour l’Université de Lyon is helping them with the engineering and fundraising. These training programs benefit from all the resources and expertise of their partners, such as the company S2P and the IPC technical center. These resources will be complemented by a "plastronics and advanced packaging" platform at the Université de Lyon's Ampère laboratory, which is currently under development.

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Steering Committee

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  • Jean-Yves, Charmeau Professor at INSA Lyon, Oyonnax site director
  • Anne Merle, head of project at the Fondation pour l’Université de Lyon
  • Philippe Lombard, teacher at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Ampère laboratory
  • Bruno Allard, Professor at INSA Lyon, director of Ampère laboratory
  • Michel Cabrera, researcher at CNRS, Ampère laboratory
  • Nacer Abouchi, Digital science program director, CPE Lyon

INITIAL TRAINING – Major/Internship in Plastronics
Working towards becoming a Plastronics Project Manager

Next opening in September 2020

In September 2018, INSA Lyon and CPE Lyon launched the first plastronics training program (Major/Internship in Plastronics).

Fifth-year students from several institutions specializing in different subjects (electronics, material science, chemistry and mechatronics) will take this 17-week course together. During this time, the students will carry out practical projects in connection with companies. They will then have the chance to end the semester with an internship related to plastronics.


All engineering school or university students who have successfully completed their fourth year, including those from the INSA Lyon and CPE Lyon and their partner schools.
The training program will take the form of a “university exchange”, where students graduate from their home institution.

• For CPE Lyon students
Fourth year students studying chemistry and digital technology

• For INSA Lyon students
Fourth year students from the GM, GE and SGM departments

How to apply

Applications are to be submitted to your institutions’ designated contact persons:
CPE Lyon: Nacer Abouchi
INSA LYON – Site Oyonnax: Jean-Yves Charmeau
INSA Lyon: Bruno Allard

Please return the attached document no later than June 29, 2020 at noon.
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First “Plastronics Project Manager” class – September 2018

Submitting a tutored project

Tutored Project or PIDP (Projet d'Innovation et Développement en Plastronique [Plastronics Innovation and Development Project])
For a period of at least eight weeks between November and the end of January, students will work as part of a multidisciplinary team to solve a specific problem presented by a company.
This project allows companies to address a particular issue while benefiting from the work of several students, the support and monitoring provided by the professors, with access to the technical training resources. This gives students their first experience of a real-life current case that is as close as possible to the needs of the industrial sector, working in a project management situation as part of a multidisciplinary team.

To submit a project, please follow these steps:

  1. Make contact with the individuals listed on the downloadable document to let them know that you would like to submit a project and to arrange an initial telephone conversation in order to identify the scope of the project and to discuss the conditions to be fulfilled in order to make the project relevant and achievable for the training program.
  2. You must then formally submit this proposal using the downloadable application form and send it via e-mail, along with the company’s NDA model if required.
  3. If required, the teaching staff will select the projects to be worked on during the training program (see the downloadable document).
  4. When a project is selected, a contract will be established between the company and INSAVALOR (the INSA’s development subsidiary). This contract sets out the terms and conditions of its implementation (confidentiality, etc.). You will be given a contract template beforehand. As part of this agreement, the company will pay a flat-rate financial contribution of €10,000, which qualifies for the Research Tax Credit, meaning that 60% of this contribution is not subject to tax.
  5. The company then submits the project to the academic supervisor and to the team of students that has been established based on the skills required for the project and the students’ familiarity with the topic. An NDA is to be signed where necessary (a meeting is to be scheduled in September).
  6. The project is monitored according to the terms and conditions defined by the company, the student team and the tutor.
  7. The company will be part of the project’s defense committee (last week of January)

    Download the PIDP project submission form

Offer an internship

If you are looking to enter into the world of plastronics and want to jump-start an ongoing project, please send your internship offers to the Plastronics Major/Internship students.
Internships run for at least six months and can start at the beginning of February. During these internships, the training program’s teaching staff will be on hand to provide their technical expertise.

Please send your internship offers by e-mail to Nacer Abouchi and Jean-Yves Charmeau

Become a 3D plastronics project partner

- Are you interested in plastronics and ready to be part of a skills network to help you achieve your projects?
- Are you looking for new employees with skills in both electronics and plastics? Would you like to improve your employees’ skills?
- Would you like to support training programs focusing on new subjects in the Lyon-Saint-Étienne area?
If so, you can become a 3D Plastronics project partner with sponsorship from the Foundation for the Université de Lyon.

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