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On the convergence between plastic processing and electronics, plastronics has innovation potential in a number of industries. Plastronics offers the opportunity to develop connected objects and embedded electronics for use in new and exciting industries, such as autonomous vehicles and connected health.

This emerging field requires technical skills specific to the interface between numerous disciplines (electronics, materials science, chemistry, etc.) and offers new employment opportunities.

Together, INSA Lyon, CPE Lyon and Lycée Arbez Carme are developing training programs for students and professionals. The Fondation pour l’Université de Lyon is helping them with the engineering and fundraising. These training programs benefit from all the resources and expertise of their partners, such as the company S2P and the IPC technical center. These resources will be complemented by a "plastronics and advanced packaging" platform at the Université de Lyon's Ampère laboratory, which is currently under development.

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Steering Committee

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  • Jean-Yves, Charmeau Professor at INSA Lyon, Oyonnax site director
  • Anne Merle, head of project at the Fondation pour l’Université de Lyon
  • Philippe Lombard, teacher at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Ampère laboratory
  • Bruno Allard, Professor at INSA Lyon, director of Ampère laboratory
  • Michel Cabrera, researcher at CNRS, Ampère laboratory
  • Nacer Abouchi, Digital science program director, CPE Lyon

The "Plastronics Project Managers" training program

In September, 2018, INSA Lyon and CPE Lyon are launching the first training program on "Plastronics Project Managers".

Fifth-year students specializing in different subjects at these institutions (electronics, materials science, chemistry and mechatronics) will take this 17-week course together. During this time, the students will carry out practical projects in connection with companies. They will then have the chance to end the semester with an internship related to plastronics.


  • Students from CPE Lyon, fourth year
    Chemistry and digital Master's programs
  • Students from INSA Lyon, fourth year
    GM, GE & SGM departments

Organization and features of the program

How to apply

Applications must be turned to referees from each institution:

By returning the completed document until September 14, 2018: Application form