[STUDENT ASSISTANCE] The Nightline helpline is open in English to support international students

On The May 24, 2024


Nightline Lyon is a help, support and information line, entirely run by and dedicated to students in Lyon and Saint-Étienne. International students benefit from a dedicated line, with English-speaking advisors.

There are many international students in France (around 400,000), and a majority of them have English as their international language rather than French. International students' calls to Nightline emphasize the loneliness and unique needs of being away from family and friends, and facing obstacles related to a different language and culture.

In order to support this specific audience, Nightline Lyon offers a helpline 100% in English. Trained in active listening, student volunteers provide a supportive and caring environment to encourage students to open up and talk about their situation (anxiety, loneliness, personal problems, etc.).

English-speaking hotline:

+33 (0)4 85 30 00 20
Thursdays to Mondays, from 8:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.
By phone and online chat

Nightline Lyon is also looking for English-speaking student volunteers to support callers in need!
Want to volunteer? Visit the dedicated page

More information about Nightline Lyon   |   Official website

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