[AGREEMENT] The Métropole de Lyon presents its new University Development Plan – Ambition 2030

On The February 10, 2023

On December 12 and 13, 2022, the Métropole de Lyon adopted its new University Development Plan (SDU – Schéma de développement universitaire), after working in close partnership with the Université de Lyon.

In 2010, the Métropole de Lyon drew up its first University Development Plan to provide a strategic framework for combining the development of the university campus with the development of the local territory.

This 2010-2020 SDU has fostered the development of cooperation between the Métropole de Lyon, the Université de Lyon and all the local players involved in higher education and research. It has also promoted the implementation of an urban strategy that is in line with the academic world.

Based on the results of the first SDU, the Métropole de Lyon and the have developed a strategy for 2030 that aims to better integrate the university with its territory, its inhabitants and its social and economic players, and to improve students’ living conditions.


  • Develop a university community that can lead change in the region;
  • Create a city that is dedicated to the success and well being of its students;
  • Ensure that the university is connected to its territory, close to the inhabitants and social and economic players.

Among the findings that fueled the strategy for this new SDU were an ever-increasing student population, the deterioration of students’ mental health, and an increase in their precariousness as a result of the health crisis, not to mention the intensification of the climate emergency and environmental awareness.

It is now a question of building a new identity for our university in its territory, taking into account major trends, including the growing student population, the digitalization of teaching, the vulnerability of students, the major transitions, etc.

Frank Debouck,
President of the Université de Lyon .

Download the University Development Plan (SDU – Schéma de développement universitaire) Ambition 2030 (FR)