[AGREEMENT] The Université de Lyon renews its commitment to the U7+ Alliance in Japan

On The March 21, 2023

The U7+ Alliance provides the University Presidents with a unique forum for discussion regarding higher education and research. It calls upon the world’s largest universities to demonstrate their decisive role and responsibility within the multilateral framework.

Launched at Sciences Po Paris in 2019, the U7+ International Alliance brings together the presidents of leading academic institutions from around the world. Together, they shall undertake to collectively reflect and to devise practical measures in order to ensure that their universities respond to the urgency posed by the major challenges of the multilateral agenda. This is the very first International Alliance of University Presidents, seeking to structure and strengthen their global operations.

The Université de Lyon, a member of the first U7+ alliance, renewed its commitment to the alliance at a meeting at Keio University (Japan) in preparation for the next G7 Summit.


Universities urge G7 leaders to prioritize peace and security

As the G7 prepares to convene in Hiroshima, the world faces significant challenges to peace and security. Armed conflict or threats of conflict in many regions have resulted in human rights violations and, for the first time in a generation, the open threat of nuclear warfare.

It was in this context that more than 75 university leaders from 16 countries gathered this week at Keio University in Japan to urge G7 leaders to invest in peace and security education at all levels, to incorporate the latest research into peace and security policies, to diversify the range of stakeholders involved in high-level policy discussions on peace and security, to remove barriers to student exchanges that foster cross-cultural understanding, and to defend academic freedom.

The world has seen significant innovation in warfare; it is now time for innovation in peace and security,

reads a statement from the U7+ Alliance press release. It calls for a “comprehensive, long-term and complex understanding of the patterns and processes that lead to sustainable peace, including strong institutions, economic stability, and social inclusion”.

Education and knowledge creation are vital to building peaceful and sustainable democracies. To address the global challenges we face, we need collaboration and partnership among universities, governments, communities and industries to foster deeper understanding and greater trust among citizens

said Professor Meric Gertler, President of the University of Toronto and Chair of the U7+ Presidential Steering Committee.

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